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Frequently Asked Questions

Photo shoot on the wedding day

Q: Can I also take photos of the make-up scene and after the reception?

A: Of course it is possible.

If you add this, you can also take group photos.

There is no additional charge.

Please note that you may not be able to enter the dressing room, so please be sure to check with the venue in advance.

Q: Can I take photos at venues where items are not allowed?

A: You can take photos as a guest, but of course there are areas you cannot enter and restrictions on photography.

In addition, to avoid any trouble later, the planner in charge

I recommend you to be honest.

I think you can add conditions, but I'll have to think about it.

​Seeing this is where the planner's skill is put to the test.

Q: If the time goes longer than planned, are there any additional costs?

Will it take?

A: We only shoot one photo per day on the day of the wedding, so there is no additional charge even if the time goes on longer. We hope you will enjoy the shoot without worrying about the time.

Q: If the venue asks to meet the photographer in advance or to come and take a look around, is this possible?

A: You will need to make arrangements in advance, but we will of course accommodate your request. It depends on the location of the venue, but we do not intend to charge you any fees.

Q: How early can I arrive at the venue on the day? Also, is it okay if I arrive early in the morning?

A: Basically, we try to arrive at the venue or nearby at least two hours before the bride and groom finish getting ready.

Also, while it is not a problem to arrive early in the morning, if we determine that we will be unable to make the first train in time to get to the venue due to the need to use public transport, we will have to stay the night before, in which case an additional fee will be charged.

About the cost

Q: Can I pay by card?

Also, does the price include tax?

A: I'm sorry.

We only accept cash.

Furthermore, all prices shown are inclusive of tax.

Q: When should I make payment?

A: After the schedule reservation is completed, at the latest one week

Please make the transfer within two weeks.

Your reservation will be confirmed once payment has been confirmed.

Q: Can I cancel the shoot ?

Also, will there be a cancellation fee if I change the date?

A: Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged as stated in the "Notation Based on Specified Commercial Transactions" section of our website.


If the date changes, there is no charge, but please let us know at least two weeks before the shoot.

Q: Will I receive a contract or receipt?

A: Of course. Many customers do not need it, so we will send the contract with a return envelope to customers who request it. We will also prepare a receipt at your desired time, such as after confirming your payment or on the day of the shoot.

Q: Are there any transportation or accommodation costs?

A: We are not accepting venues within Tokyo or Kanagawa prefectures.

For other locations, separate transportation costs will be charged.

If you require accommodation, this will be charged separately.

You can provide your own accommodation,

You can also find a cheaper place here.

About wedding photos (location shooting)

Q: I understand that you will be doing pre-wedding photos in Tokyo and Kanagawa. Are those the only two locations that can be used for the photos?

A: I am good at shooting in Tokyo (around Tokyo Station) and Kanagawa (near Yokohama Minato Mirai), but I will go anywhere if you call me. However, please be aware that the customer will have to pay a large share of the costs, such as transportation to the location, accommodation, permission to shoot at the location, and in some cases, costumes. However, I appreciate you taking the trouble to call me, so I will do my best to help you.

Q: Is there a place to change clothes if I bring my own costume?

A: There is no place to change clothes if you bring your own.

We can also arrange rental space near the shooting location, so please contact us if you would like to do so. However, an additional fee will be charged.

Of course, you may also provide your own.

Q: Is there a place to change clothes if I rent a costume?

A: Our affiliated dresses are specially made to fit people from size 7 to size 13, so there is no need for a pre-fitting.

Therefore, we will mail the dress you have selected in advance to your home so that you can come to the shoot dressed in it.

If you need a place to change clothes, please answer the above question.

We can arrange the space for you, or you can provide it yourself.

If we are providing makeup, please refrain from wearing makeup as much as possible when you come to the event.

Q: Do I have to prepare a costume?

A: There are no set outfits for pre-wedding photo shoots, so you can wear your favorite outfit.

For example, the bride can wear a white dress with artificial flowers.

Just holding flowers makes you look like a bride.

Also, the groom can look great in a dress shirt with a tie and suspenders. A jacket would be perfect.

Q: How much is the filming permit fee?

A: The price varies depending on the location, so we check each time. Metropolitan parks are around 1,000 yen, but facilities with famous photo spots are over 10,000 yen, and in the past there were places that were as high as 60,000 yen (for 1 hour).

*If you have any questions other than those listed above, please feel free to contact us.

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